February Beauty Favorites- Cruelty Free // Just A Veg


Hello Everyone!

I am FINALLY back with another product review post! To be honest, I hadn’t really switched up my products until 2019, but I have found a few new favorites that I am excited to share with you all!

  1. Lush Angels on Bare Skin Face and Body Cleanser

With the cold weather, exfoliation and hydration have become really important for me. I had watched a couple of videos of people reviewing this product, and wanted to try it for myself. It’s unlike any cleanser I’ve used before- it comes in a little pot, and you take a bit out and add water to make  paste. It is made with ground almonds and lavender, which I find gently exfoliates and soothes my skin without completely stripping it of my natural facial oil (I think this has to do with the oil in the almonds). I love this cleanser, and I will definitely be keeping it in my skincare regime. (PS: its vegan, made with whole ingredients, and cruelty free!) Here is a link if you want to check it out!




2. Acure Brightening Facial Scrub (Exfoliator) with sea kelp and French green clay

Ok guys, this one’s a winner. Like I said earlier, dry skin in the winter= exfoliate! This exfoliator is pretty grainy, but personally, I love it. It leaves my skin feeling super soft and glowy and the color is gorgeous! The sea kelp is rich in chlorella, which helps restore skin cells and stimulate growth of new cells. Plus, its vegan and cruelty free and super affordable! Here is a link.


3. Lush Eau Roma Water Toner

When I had my first facial last fall, the esthetician told me that a toner is the skins prep to receive moisture. And its true! I have noticed that since I have been using this toner my moisturizer rubs into my skin easier and it doesn’t feel as oily. This toner from Lush is vegan and cruelty free, smells super light and fresh, and is an overall winner! You can check it out here.


4. PIX! by Petra Large Lash Mascara

Now, I am a new mascara wearer, but with my experience of dance competitions I definitely know what it feels like to have clumpy goopy mascara on your eyes! Being so fair skinned, I definitely wanted something brown, and wanted to go for a more natural lengthening mascara rather than a thick voluminous one. This mascara is beautiful! The wand is shaped just so to make my outer lashes longer with a fairy-like effect. It goes on smoothly and with NO CLUMPS! It is also cruelty free and all natural. I actually got mine at Target (who else LOVES their natural beauty section), but here is a link if you want to try it! It comes in black as well.


Here are my eyelashes before/after mascara. You can really see how natural it looks, but it definitely lengthens my lashes!

5. OM SHE Aromatherapy organic shower gel in Palmarosa, Bergamot, and Vanilla

A friend showed me this product and OHMYGOODNESS now I am obsessed. I had never used a shower gel before because I could never find a natural organic one, but this one smells amazing, is super gentle, and made with essential oils! I look forward to my showers just because I get to use this product. Check it out here!


I hope you all enjoyed this product review! Let me know if you try any of these products and if you like them! Follow my Instagram @just_a_veg for more content!

Do you have any essential winter skincare products? If so, let me know down below!


Grace // Just A Veg ♥

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