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Hello and Happy Tuesday!


I will be sharing something a bit different from my usual recipes today! I have found some of the most critical things in my life in order to stay on top of things are organization, scheduling, and planning. With my responsibilities as a student, piano teacher, blogger, family member, and friend, finding time to make everything happen is nearly impossible without having a game plan. So, today I want to share with you how I plan and schedule the different parts of my life. Implementing even just a few of these tips and trick could help you become more productive, waste less time, and even manage stress!

#1 : The Daily Planner


For me, implementing a daily schedule and routine is most important for productivity. I time-block my days by the hour, meaning I plan to do certain things within certain hours and don’t take any breaks unless planned. Basically, I assign my to-do list to a specific time and try to stick to it best I can. I find this really helps me hunker down on a task and complete it. Plus, it gives me motivation- if I finish my hour’s work before my hour is up, that extra time is free!

Another key thing I do in my day is plan my meals. It doesn’t always go exactly to plan depending on how I’m feeling, but for the most part, writing down what I plan on eating helps save the 20 minutes I would normally spend thinking about something to eat 😉

I love this planner by Emily Ley. It allows me to do all of the above tips I mentioned in one book. Obviously, a lot of my to-do is schoolwork (because I’m a student :)), but nevertheless the time-blocking method works really well for me. Give it a go!

Another feature this planner has which I use every month is a calendar (not pictured). I write appointments, vacations, and activities on there to see how my month is looking overall!

#2 : The Personal Goals



I have recently started bullet journaling (before I was journaling but without the bullet journal), and have to say it is fantastic for 2 main reasons:

  1. It is a great way for me to de-stress and release my artsy side
  2. It is a great way to keep track of personal habits and goals

I use the bullet journal by month, meaning I create pages for certain things- usually a cover, goals for the month, mood trackers, habit trackers, wish lists, and other personal lists/ ideas I want to save. Pinterest “bullet journal” and the ideas for pages are endless. 🙂

Why do I keep my personal goals separate from my day to day schedule?

I find it overwhelming to have it all in my face, and I think keeping my personal goals separate from my “work” life makes my personal goals less chore-like and more like a fun, everyday process.

Try having a separate personal goals book- I promise it will make your goals become something to look forward to and less of a task.

I got my bullet journal off of Amazon for $10, I will link it here.

#3: The Blogger and Info Book


The book on the left is where the magic happens. I use yet ANOTHER book to plan out my blog, recipes, info I want to share, and more. I also use this book as my “information” book- meaning when I research, learn information, or create a recipe, all of it goes in the book. This helps me keep the information I want to read over again all in one place and not scattered around. It saves me so much time knowing almost everything I want to know is together! I research all things health related, recipe related, and other random ideas :).

This book, in short, keeps all of my thoughts and research in one place. It is essential and goes with me everywhere!

#4: The Phone Diaries


Phone notes are my go to for info + lists on the go. I honestly don’t use my phone notes unless I don’t have one of my notebooks with me. I also use it for random notes (see the “college dorm” note, where I imagine all of the décor I want for my college dorm-lol). To be completely honest, I find notes on my phone distracting because as I write, I see all of my other notifications and then wham, I am on Instagram or Pinterest checking out the latest and greatest thing. All in all, I find phone notes to be an impediment on my productivity, so I avoid using them. Most of my information I write in my phone notes is transferred to other books, which leads me to….

#5: The Poetry/Verse book (not pictured)

This book is totally something I do personally, and is simply a hobby. However, when I hear words or lines I want to use in a potential poem or song, I will write them in my phone notes to be transferred to the poetry book. 99% of my phone notes wouldn’t make sense to anybody because they are mostly random verses 🙂

OK, Here’s a Recap

  1. Have seperate notebooks for daily scheduling, personal goals, and information
  2. Time-blocking is key to productivity
  3. Having a seperate space for personal goals can help them become less task-like and more fun
  4.  Store all information in one place (a notebook)
  5. Phone notes can be distracting, maybe try switching to paper 🙂 (personal preference)
  6. Seperate your hobbies from your tasks. I have a poetry book, but maybe you have a dance journal, sports log, or music space. Either way, make it your own.


I hope you enjoyed learning about how I plan and schedule, and hopefully some of my methods help boost your productivity and streamline your schedule!

See ya next week!


Grace // Just A Veg





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