Diet Update and Summer Favorites // Just A Veg

Hello Hello!

I’ve been giving you guys loads of recipes over the past months but haven’t really updated you on my diet, my goals for this page, and my life in general πŸ™‚

I wanted to take this week’s post and share some changes I have made in my diet, some of my favorite products I am using this summer, and some different things I want to incorporate into Just A Veg.

Here I am! I will be 18 next month πŸ™‚


Firstly, let me start off with my diet. I no longer eat completely vegan. I have been dealing with some health issues and with my prescribed diet I have found I have needed to supplement with fish, eggs, and honey. I still eat primarily plant-based and currently plan on continuing to eat that way. I have shifted off of a higher-carb diet to a more balanced diet in terms of protein, and I am feeling great! I think as people we are constantly learning about ourselves, and we need to respect our bodies needs. Veganism satisfied my body for a long time, and I respect a plant-based diet with my whole heart. I will be continuing to share plant-based and vegan recipes, as I am still dairy free and do not eat meat.

Over the summer I have also gone completely gluten free and I think this change has made a huge difference in terms of bloating and digestive issues. I am planning to share more about how this shift has affected my health in a post coming this fall!

An exciting new change is that I am headed off to college this year! I have bee busy prepping recipes and posts for you as I go and study biochemistry in conjunction with music composition. I am super excited to share what I learn and research over my time there!

So, to wrap up this spiel, I still plan to share primarily plant based recipes while incorporating some recipes with eggs and fish. I also plan to start sharing some more out of the box ideas related to science, frequencies, mental health, and the mind-body connection. What do ya think? Let me know in the comments below!

OK, now that I’ve shared a bit of a life update, now I can share with you some of my favorite summer products I have been loving! There’s some skincare, mental health, and FOODZ in the mix!

My first product I want to share is this Botanics Rosewater Toner


I absolutely love this toner for a few reasons:

  • It’s incredibly clean and has no sketchy ingredients
  • It is super gentle on the skin
  • It’s 100% organic
  • It smells amazing
  • It isn’t sticky or drying
  • It’s inexpensive

I got mine at Target and here is a link! I truly think this toner would work on any skin type; it is so gentle! Go check it out!

The next thing I want to share is actually a food item. Since my diet now includes very limited grains, I have been seeking out Grain Free Alternatives. These Simple Mills Grain Free Almond Crackers are INCREDIBLE. They are so buttery and crisp, and taste good with everything. I have enjoyed them for with dips, hummus, avocado, tuna salad, and more. They are just so good!


Item #3 is another beauty product- an absolute necessity if you ask me πŸ˜‰

This Love, Beauty, and Planet Deodorant is all natural, smells amazing, and LASTS. What is there to lose?

Having a natural deodorant is super important- your armpits are super sensitive and porous. Whenever you put something on, it most likely goes into your body as well. I love this deodorant because it doesn’t sacrifice the nice scent or long lasting powers while keeping it all natural!


This next favorite is actually an activity I do that I find appeals to all parts of my Type One personality- it keeps me organized all while relaxing me and giving me a break from my ‘to-do’s’.

Bullet journaling is a great way to track your habits and mood, set goals, and give yourself reminders all while letting you doodle and color to your heart’s content. Here I will share a few snippets from my bullet journal, and I will put a link for the one I use here!




The last thing I wanted to share was another beauty product- this Nourish Organics Eye Cream is amazing. For some reason, around my eyes the skin gets very dry, and this product has completely cured that problem. It is organic, made with hydrating ingredients like avocado and argon, and is not thick or cakey. I absolutely love it and it has helped my skin so much! I got this one at Target but have a link for it here!




Ok, that’s it for today’s post! Let me know if you try any of these products and what you think!


See you next week!


Grace // Just A Veg β™₯



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