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As you may or may not know, I started college this past fall! This week, I wanted to give you guys the exclusive list of my must-haves/nice-to-have items that I have used and loved in this first part of my college experience! College can be a big transition  for a lot of people, and that can oftentimes lead to bad eating and lifestyle habits. I have found that these things have helped me keep a good, healthy routine all whilst still having fun and enjoying the college experience!

Are you ready for my list?!

  1. A reusable water bottle

A reusable water bottle is probably the MOST ESSENTIAL thing for a college student to have. While it may seem obvious and basic, having a water bottle can help with staying hydrated. Hydration is super important in a college setting, especially when the weather begins to get a bit colder and the people around you begin to get sick. Your body purifies itself when you drink enough water, so keeping up with drinking 3-4 liters daily is optimal!

I like to have 2 different kinds of water bottles for college:

Hydroflask– my everyday water bottle. It keeps my water cold and fresh, its big enough so that I don’t have to refill it as much, and pretty durable (versus a glass water bottle)


Nalgene- this is for hiking trips, going out in general, or just to have an extra water bottle in my room. The Nalgene is basically indestructible, so it is perfect for taking into the outdoors!


2. Healthy snack bars

Healthy snack bars are another must-have that I have found super helpful during these first couple of months of college! I oftentimes don’t have time to eat 3 full meals in the dining halls, so having a healthy bar to tide me over until I can eat is extremely important! It not only helps me avoid settling for unhealthier quicker options on campus, but also saves me time and money!gomacro-3


Some of my favorite bars are (linked here):


Living Fuel CocoChia


3. Slippers

I don’t think this item is a must have, but certainly is a nice-to-have! The floors in the college dorms can get chilly, plus I find I usually want to wear shoes  (just for cleanliness). I absolutely love my slippers from LL Bean, they are so comfortable and soft! Here is a link 🙂


4. Reusable straws

My school is all about sustainability, so metal straws are a must have on campus. They help the environment, are affordable, and definitely cool! Here is a link for the ones I have, and here is a link for a more basic set :).


5. Electric tea kettle

Another Must-Have! Electric tea kettles are so versatile- They can be used to make tea (obviously), but also heat water for breakfast’s like oatmeal, or heat water for a steam facial (if you haven’t tried this, you should- it is amazing!). With so many people around, avoiding getting sick involves lots of teas and honey! Some of my favorites are earl grey, spearmint, and chai. Here is a link for the electric tea kettle I have!



6. Drying rack

I have found a drying rack to be super important in college, as I actually don’t put most of my clothing in the dryer. This drying rack is compact (fold up and goes in the closet), doesn’t take up much space, and helps me avoid draping my clothes all over my dorm room! haha.



7. Bonus: my favorite snacks

I figured while sharing my must-haves, I should share some of my favorite inexpensive, healthy, and delicious snacks I have when I have a bit of time in my dorm room!

  • rice cake, almond butter, and banana
  • apple and almond butter
  • avocado and almond crackers (from SimpleMills!)
  • GoMacro bars
  • coconut yogurt and grain-free granola


I hope this list was helpful for you if you are headed into or are currently in college! Let me know your Must-Haves for college down in the comments below!


Have a great week!


Grace // Just A Veg ♥


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