Welcome to 2020! // Just A Veg

Hello Hello!

Wow, it has been a hot minute. Between finals, moving, and the holidays, I decided to take a mini-break from the blog!


However, it is 2020 and I am back! I have some cool plans and ideas to build and expand Just A Veg!

Before I jump into that, though, I think I should update you on my health, diet, and what sort of recipes I will be sharing here of the blog! I started seeing a couple of naturopaths around six months ago, for a few different reasons, but primarily to help heal my skin. After this, I began to make some major dietary shifts. Based on some bloodwork I had done, I found that I was severely iron deficient, depsite not having any major symptoms. Interestingly, neither me (or my naturopath) could really put a finger on the cause of this deficiency, except for, of course, my vegan diet.


Some suggestions I received for dietary changes were going gluten free, increasing protien, and increasing healthy fats. When I began doing this, I felt like my diet needed something a bit more, so I decided to incorporate fish and eggs. These foods have turned into things I genuinely enjoy, and I am so happy I made the switch!


I have also been taking some different supplements, so maybe in the future I will share about what I take and why I take them!

I still eat primarily plant-based, and still do not eat dairy! If my diet ends up continuing to change, I am open to anything that will ultimately improve my health!

So, in the light of Just A Veg,

I will continue sharing vegan recipes…and some non-vegan recipes!

I hope to incorporate more mind-body connection research,

I plan to share my skin journey,

and do healthy-habits challenges that I will share the results of each month!

Are you ready?!

This is a short and sweet post, but it will be the start to a cool new adventure with Just A Veg!


I hope your holidays were wonderful, and I know 2020 will be the best year yet!


Grace // Just A Veg ♥




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