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Hello Hello!

This week, I just wanted to share some thoughts to give you hope, spread light, and speak life.  I hope you take something away from this train of thoughts!

So often I hear the phrase ‘Life is Hard’.

It has come to slightly annoy me, because life, in and of itself, it life. The so called ‘bad things’ that make life ‘hard’ is really just life.

That being said, life on earth is what we shape it to be. Like everything, the more we give, the more we get. However, it is not just one thing you must give, it is a series of things which contribute to success in your external as well as internal life.


Life is a Balance

Not just a balance of work, live, and play, but a balance of relationships, idea of self, and hard work. When society normalizes balance to become an idea of one’s work (life) and Netflix (relaxation), we often don’t realize ourselves falling into the trap that says escaping the world around you is the ‘balance’ you need, the ‘time for yourself’, and the ‘you deserve it’ moments.

I know this because I have fallen into this trap myself. It is so easy to check out from the present moment, how we are actually feeling, and how the world around us is working, all for the sake of balance. The problem is, the scale isn’t even. Checking out from the world doesn’t actually provide balance, because it is not even truly life!

This catastrophe has taken the world full force- people think they are balancing but just continue to drain themselves of true, present form of ‘time for self’ that is truly valuable.


So what can we do to have true balance?

Balance is being in life, 100%, 24/7. It is thinking, processing, and interpreting thinks in and around us at all times. The way to generate balance comes from focusing your mind and energy on one area of your time, and only that area, until you are ready to move on. For instance, work is a part of most peoples’ lives. So, they must designate their passion and focus to their work for the time they are working. Sometimes, passion for work carries into other activities in one’s life, and that’s ok. Balance is not a one-size-fits-all.

So, what does one do with the ‘me time’ they so desire and crave?



The truth is there is no right or wrong answer. I truly believe that by following the information I am about to give you, you can even watch Netflix while still enjoying true life!

Step One: Presence. Being present is the key to most things in life. If you are aware of your surroundings, your feelings, your body, even down to how much tension is in the air, it will totally change the dynamic of how you receive and retain information (whether it is spoken to you or not), as well as cause you to find more of the good things that happen in your day to day. It also kickstarts depth of relationships by allowing you to focus your energy on whoever you are with without getting distracted.

Let me tell you, being present takes practice. But whether you are relaxing on your couch, getting coffee with a friend, or grocery shopping, it will gradually cause you to realize and interpret every moment of your life. From there, you can develop actual thoughts and ideas on what is a truly valuable use of your time!

Step Two: Be adventurous. This is not just for my outdoorsy people. Sure, getting out in nature is SO beneficial to your mind and body, and a little fresh air never hurt anyone. But what I am talking about here is being adventurous with your mind. Our brain is not a still object. It is not only pliable but also active EVERY SECOND sending signals, receiving information, and interpreting information. By stretching ourselves cognitively, the brain not only becomes a stronger muscle, but also has the ability to do more. It is like exercising at the gym- the more you workout, the faster, the stronger, and the more able your muscles become. The brain is the same way! Whether you are reading a book, cooking dinner, or watching a movie with a loved one, be aware of what is going on in your mind and develop your own original thoughts to complement what you have learned or interpreted!

Step Three: Positivity. There is too much for me to say about positivity to wrap up in one paragraph. What I will say is is that there is power in what you think and say. Speaking and saying positive things will bring more balance to your life than you ever thought imaginable. The more positive you become, the less negative things can affect you. Imagine how that could change your life- no matter what life throws at you, it can never be ‘hard’, because life is too good to even acknowledge that stuff!


Accepting that life is life and we have the power to control how we will live our live is the key to balance. Once you realize you can construct your world from the inside out, the truth of who you are is revealed.

You are loved. You are redeemed. You are known.

Life is not a mystery if you see it for what it is: love, joy, and peace. Just abide by these things, and life suddenly won’t be so hard anymore.


Grace // Just A Veg ♥


One thought on “Why Life is such a Delicate Balance // Just A Veg

  1. THIS. I love this so much I want to give you a hug. Especially the part about ‘bad’ things in life just being life itself. We’re not here to ‘be happy’, we’re here to live and learn and experience everything that will shape us into who we’re meant to be….and we’re certainly not broken for feeling like crap when crappy things happen. Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional. In my opinion, I don’t think a lot of us are taking that stance. Life is 50/50 and the more we resist the bad, the more we resist the good.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this!!♡


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