about me

Hi, I’m Grace!

I am a college student striving to find balance in a busy and exciting life. From dealing with struggles with my health, school, and schedule, I have found that though I can do a lot it does not always mean I will feel fulfilled. So, I am sharing my journey, my experiences, and my creativity with you and maybe we can help and learn from each other along the way.

Welcome to Mindfully Grace

This blog is simply my way of sharing my passions and art with the world. From healthy, sustainable living, mental health practices, art, and writing to practical steps to success and balancing a busy life, I will be brain-dumping enough information at you to last a lifetime!

Life is all about habits, and every part of our life is based on a physical or mental habit. Becoming aware of those habits is critical, and then we can decide if they are good or bad, what we want to change, and what we want to incorporate into our lives. We have the power! Here is this space, I will be sharing with you how to use that power to create a more sustainable life and peaceful heart.

Thank you for visiting, I love you all! ♥