September Lifestyle Favorites || Just A Veg


I’m back with another round of my favorite products, but this time they are more lifestyle necessities. You can check out my August Beauty Favorites post to find out about all my beauty essentials!

With fall slowly making it’s appearance and the school year in full swing, life gets busy. But busy, as I have learned to hard way, CANNOT compromise your health and daily to-dos. Personal care and self love are needed ALL throughout the year, not just when you have the time on your hands. So here are a few products to brighten you day and show your body some love!

  1. White Heron Earl Grey Lavender TeaSONY DSCWhen the weather starts to get cooler, I ditch my iced drinks for some warm tea. Tea is so therapeutic for me; and loose tea is my favorite. I find the flavor is more bold and the taste more intense. I L O V E White Heron Teas, which are completely organic! The Earl Grey Lavender is one of my favorite black teas for when I want a little caffeine kick. After steeping, you can add a splash of plant milk for an Earl Grey Lavender Latte! It’s so good, I look forward to it everyday :). White Heron is actually a tea and coffee shop in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, but you can order their teas online! The link for their website is here. Some of my favorite flavors : Earl Grey Lavender, Capetown Sunset, and Peach Rooibos.
  2. J. R. Watkins Room Freshener in LavenderSONY DSCLet me tell you something- this stuff is MAGICAL. I have to give my mom credit for finding it, but I literally use it all of the time. It comes in this cute little spray bottle, so you can keep it out without it looking out of place. It smells amazing but not too overpowering, and freshens up any room- I use it a lot if we have guests coming over or just need a nice smell in my house. Here is link for it!
  3. Eco-Tools Bamboo Bristle Back BrushSONY DSCLadies and Gentlemen, may I introduce you to the BEST back brush I have ever used! Just a few weeks ago I was using a cheap, plastic, generic back brush, my skin was getting irritated, and I was in a jam. Getting this back brush was like seeing a whole new world. It is super soft and gentle on your skin, but still cleans you all up :) Plus, it’s made from recycled and sustainable materials, so you’re helping out the environment as well. The handle is long enough to reach all over your back and it is just the nicest back brush I have ever used! Here is a link. #sustainability #ecofriendly
  4. PUR Natural GumSONY DSCWith the school year starting, I am out more and sometimes need to freshen up my breath a little. PUR gum is definitely a favorite! I love the peppermint and spearmint flavors. While it is a bit pricy, it is completely vegan (no gelatin!), aspartame free, non GMO, and gluten free. It makes my breath smell good and lasts a while! You can find it at Whole Foods or use a the link here. #healthygum #livepur
  5. GuruNanda Kissed Exotic Essential Oil Roll-On Collection
    SONY DSCI recently started using this essential oil collection and it is honestly has some of the best blends I have ever used! These essential oils have been sourced from all over the world but are blended so that they still smell natural! They have incredible physical healing properties, but can also be used as scents or perfumes. The set has 5 roll-ons which are already blended with fractionated coconut oil and are ready to use. The coconut oil hydrates your skin as well as helps you to easily apply the oil blend. Each roll-on has a specific purpose and place—

Immortelle Kiss is detoxifying, cleanses and heals your skin, and helps with aging. You can apply it to your temples and wrists for maximum results.

Blue Chamomile Kiss is good for balancing your hormones and reducing skin inflammation. You can use this one by just rolling it onto your skin.

Rose Kiss softens your skin and balances your body, calming down any crazy hormones we all get from time to time. Apply this one by rolling onto your temples and wrists.

Neroli Kiss is soothing, purifying, and deodorizing. It is a lovely smelling way to freshen up! You can apply it by rolling onto the feet and under your arms.

Finally, Jasmine Kiss is mood enhancing, balances hormones, and relaxes and calms you. It is perfect for releasing stress or unwinding after a busy day or week. You can apply it by rolling onto your wrists or pulse points.

You can get your own Kissed Exotic Roll-On Collection by going over to the GuruNanda website through my tracking code and using my code JUSTAVEG! This is a sponsored post but I honestly love this product and would not promote it otherwise. I think essential oils are a fantastic tool for holistic healing and are often too underrated- plants have some serious power! I hope you give this collection a try! #GuruNandaEO #ExperienceExotics #GuruNanda

So, that’s it for my September product review! If you try or like any of these products, let me know what you think! I would love to hear from you đŸ™‚

Remember to show yourself some self-love and take care of your body- it’s the only one you’ve got!


Grace ♥




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