Thrifted Lookbook: Winter Fashion // Just A Veg

Hello Hello!

I thought I would share something a bit different this week about a subject I am super passionate about and love to talk about!

Fast fashion has taken over a lot of the world, where so many people feel constant pressure to be ‘up to style’, never re-wear outfits, and need to constantly be buying new things. In order to keep up with the extent of consumerism, there are so many companies that compromise quality of clothes as well as working conditions and wages for their workers. Ultimately, we, as consumers, end up with a lower quality product for less money, but we never think about what was involved for that to happen.

When I became educated on this subject, I was pretty convicted and felt kind of selfish when I thought about how much I  bought just because it was ‘cheap’ and I was trying to ‘get the most bang for my buck’. My ignorance in shopping had a bigger cost than I thought.

So, I made an effort to research about ethical shopping and ethical brands, and made a vow to do my best in shopping ethically and sustainably.


The reality is, because ethical clothes are higher quality and tend to be small companies, they are generally more expensive than ‘normal’ clothes. I mean, it makes sense! However, as a college student, I don’t have all the money in the world to spend on ethical clothes. So I focus of only buying things I truly NEED, and if there is something I would like or think I would enjoy, I turn to an alternate source of ethical shopping: THRIFTING.

Thrifting is not only super fun, and kind of adventurous, but it is also budget friendly and sustainable! I never used to thrift because I was always averted by the idea of wearing used clothes. However, I have found some of the coolest, high quality brand, and awesome clothes while thrifting! So, today, I wanted to show you that YOU can thrift AND be cool and in style, all while being sustainable, which in my opinion is way cooler than any piece of clothing you will ever wear!

SO, here is my winter lookbook! I actually found most of this stuff at your basic thrift stores, like GoodWill, Savers, etc!

DISCLAIMER: I am not perfect, and not everything I own is ethical! I didn’t throw out my wardrobe or anything extreme, and sometimes I do need something on the go that isn’t necessarily the most sustainable! I just try my best to be a conscious consumer!



I found this ribbed camel turtleneck at Savers, and these cool black washed mom jeans at savers as well! The necklace was a hand-me-down from my grandma! #grandmafashion

I think total this outfit cost $14. Woah.


This Eddie Bauer chunky purple sweater only cost $8. Jeans are old ones, not thrifted 🙂


Thrifting also includes thrifting in your mom’s closet. Same black washed mom jeans + my mom’s jean button down. Yeah baby!



Found this big sweater pullover at Goodwill for $6. It’s the best! I love wearing it on cold winter days.


You can find fancy things thrifting too! I found this black turtleneck at Savers for $6 and converted this $3 corduroy skirt! (it used to be ankle length!)


Another outfit from my mom’s hand-me-downs! I love this ribbed mockneck turtleneck, and I cropped these green cargo pants for one of my favorite outfits!


This is one of my favorite outifts! This is the same black turtleneck, and I found and cropped this vintage LL Bean Jeans for $8! Finished with a belt handed down from my mom!


Lastly, this hand-me-down sweater from my mom is so dainty, I love wearing it! It also seems to be quite trendy right now too!

Do you shop ethically? If so, what are your favorite brands? What have been some of your best thrift store finds?

I hope you loved this post about ethical fashion and thrifting! Let me know if you want to see more posts like this in the comments below.

Have a great week!


Grace // Just A Veg ♥



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