Welcome to Just a Veg!

Welcome to Just A Veg!

Hello! Welcome to Just A Veg blog!

I’m Grace, writer of Just a Veg!

     Though I have been sharing my recipes and vegan lifestyle tips on Instagram, I have been contemplating starting a blog, where I could design my own place to share and inspire others to live a more healthy lifestyle. So, here it is! This blog is a place for me to connect with others who are interested in learning about or trying out veganism and veteran vegans who can inspire and encourage me in my vegan journey, or just people who want some delicious vegan recipes!

Just some things about me and Just a Veg:


  1. “veg” in “Just a Veg” is pronounced v (ĕ) /j/, NOT v (ē) g  or v (ĕ) g   😉
  2. I have been a vegan since January 2017 and haven’t regretted it for one day!
  3. expect lots of bullet notes and lists in this blog- I like to systematically organize my thoughts….I’m basically obsessed with organization
  4. Though I started veganism due to health reasons, throughout my journey I have become so aware of the environment, declining health, chronic illness, and animal cruelty- I may share a bit with you in later posts!
  5. This blog is definitely not purposed to try and impose veganism on anyone; it is simply a place to inform and share healthy and delicious recipes!



This blog will contain all sorts of vegan meals, snacks, and treats (because vegans don’t just eat salad), tips on veganism and the vegan lifestyle, vegan necessities, and reviews of vegan products! (yes, I know that sentence said “vegan” way too many times in that sentence.) I’d love to chat with anyone who is interested in learning more about veganism or is looking to create a healthier lifestyle. Veganism has changed me so much and opened my eyes to see the world differently, and I hope that this blog can be a place where I can share, inspire, and connect with others in our journeys’ to a healthier life!

Thank you so much for visiting, I love you all!


Grace ♥

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